About us

An IT boutique company founded in 2019 by senior banking and IT professionals who are dissatisfied with mainstream IT and agile fintechs. We believe in combining our experiences in cloud technologies, with our deep understanding of business and enterprise architecture.

Karel Soukeník

  • Senior advisor (external)

Peter Hora

  • Product manager

Zdeněk Kratochvíl

  • Enterprise architect


  • Your next career changing role ;)


It’s an opportunity for you to get hands-on experience with cutting-edge serverless technologies and work hand-in-hand with industry veterans who have already successfully taken a business from start-up to sale to a global player, built global scale solutions and have CxO experience.

We are looking for smart, backend developers who need only a short time to go from “Huh?” to “Aha!” If you are such a guy or girl and want more details, please leave us a message.